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About Alan John Borner

In 1976, Alan founded the Environmental Hazards Management Institute, LLC or EHMI, an independent non-profit, environmental, health, and safety education and research organization dedicated to resolving environmental problems through education and consensus. EHMI is internationally recognized as serving as a "bridge" between adversarial extremes through its programs, services, information-sharing, and educational products. EHMI also functions as the research and development arm of EHS Publishing LLC.

Alan also founded the Environmental Health and Security Publishing, LLC to make available unique educational materials, training, and environmental sensor technologies that meet today’s emergency response and environmental health requirements. A pioneer in the field of environmental health and safety with more than thirty years experience, Alan has an international reputation in the fields of disaster preparedness and environmental health.

With unique, interactive, multimedia educational tools, EHS Publishing empowers people not only to assess and respond to emergencies, but how to sustain healthy environments in their homes, businesses and communities. EHS products are used by more than 15 million citizens, educators, activists, students, employees, and military and government officials worldwide.

Through Tower-Borner Publishing, Alan conceived and co-founded HazMat World magazine. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor (EMCA). Alan was a founding director of the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM), the nation’s first professional support organization for corporate environmental management, based in Washington, DC. He also assisted Michael Last, the renowned Boston-area Environmental Attorney and Mediator with the creation of the internationally acclaimed Santa Fe Council. The Santa Fe Council is a tracking organization that assembles leaders from Native American, industrial, academic, governmental and advocacy groups in wilderness environments as an alternative means of resolving long-simmering disputes and of closing cultural, political, and learning gaps.

He also founded CYBROS Knowledge Systems well before the advent of e-commerce and the Internet as we know it today.  With EDS as his technology provider and partner, Borner conceived and developed the world’s first Internet-based environmental, health and safety information web portal.  At the dawn of electronic commerce, CYBROS and EDS engineered a comprehensive digital product catalogue that was uniquely linked to Borner’s CYBROS safety, health and environmental knowledge base. For three decades, Alan has worked through EHMI, EHS Publishing, LLC, CYBROS, Tower-Borner Publishing, and Hazmat World magazine to break through the complacency, fears and superstitions about the dangers of modern life. His concerns about the environment and public health were nurtured in his youth during several round-the-world voyages after joining the Seafarers International Union (SIU).