Our Services

At EHMI our mission is to educate consumers and businesses on how to plan and respond to the logistical and financial demands of environmental disasters, whether in the form of a pandemic, an earthquake, or a chemical spill. We provide the following services:

Research & Development

  • Maintenance of extensive databases on a vast array of related topics
  • Providing insight as advisory board member on public and private initiatives dealing with environmental issues
  • Creation and maintenance of a periodical research library
  • Maintaining an environmental periodical library based on our research
  • Providing access to the data of public and private sector agencies & institutions

Coalition Building

  • Hosting and facilitating information-gathering focus groups
  • Design and implementation of outreach programs and environmental awareness campaigns
  • Collaborating on project and material development with representatives from business and industry, military and government agencies, academia, community, civic, and environmental groups
  • Coordinating public and private sector agencies and institutions
  • Development of high-return business funds for environmental education programs

Training & Education

  • Publication of educational materials for children and adults
  • Creation of business-funded, in-school environmental education programs
  • Serving as an informational clearinghouse for environmental health through education
  • Developing and implementing outreach and education programs
  • Creating education materials that empower the individual and effect positive change
  • Designing and presenting train-the-trainer programs/expertise
  • Maintaining an environmental periodical library
  • Creating and implementing effective outreach programs and environmental awareness campaigns

Event Planning

  • Coordinating conferences and special events to maximize impact and visibility
  • Presenting papers to seminars and forums
  • Moderating conference sessions
  • Providing feedback to conference attendees